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Pretty average, althought i did laugh pretty hard on the "1up" segment. THat was hilarious

Yeah not a bad effort

I'd actually like to see a flash animation where evil does triumph. Sorry but Ganondorf does deserve a victory, cmon :P

It was good to see somethign different from the usual "link vs ganondorf" battle where link always wins anyway.


Ah, lovely stuff. Impressive graphics. You even predicted the name of the 3rd smash bros game 3 years before it came out :P

Yeah to others:
Note this was made 3 years before brawl came out, it just happens to be a 'brawl'.

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HAHA, love the reward

It was a good game lol, kept me long enough to beat it. Quite interesting stuff and some added funnies now and then lol

Keep it up.

Pretty good

God some people don't know a joke when they see one lol (ie previous reviewer)

Pretty good game, i got a total of 65, which i guess is better than average i guess. I liked it.


I fell across this after i had one of my "disney" moments a few days ago and had the urge to watch all the Lion kings and download all the songs from them :D

Im still in a hyped up LionKing mood as i write this and i jsut want mroe lol .

This was good, the actual game wasnt anything great, but the artwork was awesome (as the previous guy said, so like the movie).

You should take your own advice and work on an animation, you clearly have the patience to draw ( i dont lol which is why i use sprites). ANyway, Good luck with future projects.

WolfAkela responds:

Thanks! :3 Don't forget to download Kings of the Past, Stampede, the Ascencion, etc. They're all in the unreleased album called "The Lion King - Expanded Score", which, IMO, is a lot better than the musicals compilation soundtrack.

And the "Simba vs. Scar" broadway musical, which rocks, because it sounds a lot like a videogame boss battle music.

I'm still thinking about my next animation. I've already started the bases for them. It's either a Devil May Cry 3 animation of the last battle, or a frame-by-frame animation of "Be Prepared - Reprise", which was supposed to be in The Lion King movie but was dropped.

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Hey, i like it!

I was browsing around on google for this to put into my flash, but all the songs of this i found you had to pay for.
Then i checked the portal and "whooa" this one came up. I was expecting shit but after looking at the file size i thought "hang on, this might be good". And i was right, good job on it and well done for responding to reviews.

Rickbass21 responds:

thank you for the awsome review i'll try to get some of my other stuff (covers and originals) done as soon as possible. been busy as hell.

Yay! Someone who likes to respond!

Good job on the music, i enjoyed it. I could see potential for it being used in a battle Flash somewhere along the track.


XGM-Zeth responds:

Thanks matey!
I'm more than willing to respond as i like reviews/reviewers.

I just hope that people will sooner or later use it in some kind of flash.


You wanted a review so I will give you one...

SWEET song there buddy. SSBM Temple song with a beat! I have a playlist on my Media Player that only has the best of the best on it. I have only 4 songs there and this one just got added.
In fact, i'm listening to it right now...

Mmm new zelda looks good. EDIT - I got into trouble coz my little brother's *** friend decided to leave a "nice" review. Bloody hell!!!! :@

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